The ZANG√O, which means bumble-bee, takes its name from the sound that it produces. Itís a toy that can even be made from no more than a simple button. In the old days, all the toys and instruments that both boys and girls made were always connected to the environment and the different seasons. So, in Spring, when the bees were busy collecting the nectar from the flowers, so that they could then carry it off to their hives and transform it into honey, the childrenís imagination was unleashed and they started making the ZANG√O.



Some cardboard and a meter-long piece of parcel string.



 A pair of scissors and some glue.




What produces the sound in the ZANG√O is the friction caused by the object rotating in the air. If this object has pointed edges, its sound will be more penetrating. If you make several of these instruments with different shapes and sizes, youíll be able to hear the difference in the sounds produced. What 1 suggest is that you begin by making a star, which you can form by sticking several pieces of card together. Ití s important for the two holes that youíre going to make in the centre of the star to be dose to each other, otherwise the ZANG√O wonít rotate in a regular fashion. Thread the string through the ho1es and tie the two ends together.




The Zang„o is the name given in Portuguese to the male bee or drone, but itís the queen bee that rules over the hive. So, 1 warn you boys that itís best to seek some advice about decorating your instrument from a girl. Mind you, girls, when youíre the ones that have made the instrument, 1 suggest you donít sting the boy just because he wants to give you his ideas about the decoration. All in all, itís best to follow the example of the bees... work together.




Whilst the string is still new and hasnít been worn in yet, it difficult for the ZANG√O to produce a sound. However, pull the string tight between your two index fingers and begin to rotate the star. It should be kept equidistant from the two ends. As soon as the string begins to intertwine, pull it tight. Youíll see that the star begins to spin and the string unwinds in the opposite direction. With time, youíll develop the knack of playing the instrument, although youíll probably have some difficulty in getting a sound out of it at first. After that, though, you wonít want to know about anything else. It sounds as good as honey tastes.